Fashion Sketchbook 432 Figure Templates

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Fashion Sketchbook 432 Figure Templates, Premium Hardcover, Heavy-Weight Multi-Media Paper (9x12 in)

Design Like a Pro! Great for enthusiasts, students, professionals, and anyone who wants to explore their creativity!

This unique Fashion Design Sketch and Illustration Book makes getting started easy while staying with you as your skills progress.

Filled with 432 original Figure Outlines (Croquis) in 14 New Poses. "Croquis" is a term originating in France in 1805 to describe a rough sketch. Croquis is now used in the fashion industry for figure outline guides for drawing designs.

International Designer-produced with designers from London, NY, LA, Italy, Austria, and Brazil. This design pad represents the best from around the world of fashion. 

- Single-Croquis, Full-Illustration Pages! 24 of the 144 pages have a single figure outline on each! Other fashion sketchbooks place a minimum of 2 figures on every page in order to advertise the most number of figure outlines at the cheapest possible cost.
- Illustration-Grade Paper, specially-textured and heavyweight to allow bold use of color and techniques. Other pads use traditional paper and bleed through and wrinkle easily in response to marker and paint - frustrating your ability to show your creativity.
- Practice-Through-Final Process. The Croquis poses are printed in small, medium, and large sizes. Create multi-pose designs side-by-side, or use the smaller sizes for practice and experimenting freely!
- Perfect-Printed: outlines are visible yet light for drawing over
- Hardcover for long standing durability. Spiral bound to keep pages flat. Perforated for true-size paper.

- Hardcover, Spiral Bound
- Heavyweight 200 gsm, Mixed-Media paper
- 432 Croquis, 14 Poses
- 144 Pages with 24 Single-Croquis Pages

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